Our History

Bridge Bible Church started in October of 2006, birthed out of shared vision to move beyond conventional religious activity to meaningful worship, practical Bible teaching and an intentional focus on Jesus’ mission, both locally and globally.  After a period of sustained growth, we launched our north campus in February of 2010.  In our spiritual journey, we desire to worship God by tangible expressions of intentional growth, authentic community, generous stewardship and compassionate outreach. As a means to the end of stewarding God’s mission, we affiliate the Gospel Coalition and recommend resources such as the Bible Gateway.

Our Beliefs

  • The sixty-six books of the Bible were verbally inspired by God and error-free in the original writings.  Uniquely preserved, the Bible is a complete, infallible document, and the final authority in areas where it speaks.
  • There is only one God, who exists eternally in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  He created the universe out of nothing and graciously sustains it, ruling over the affairs of humankind with a perfect balance of love and justice.
  • Jesus is truly God and truly man.  He was virgin born and lived a sinless life, and was crucified as the only acceptable substitute for humankind’s sin.
  • The Holy Spirit restrains lawlessness and convicts unbelievers of their sin.  For believers, He regenerates, indwells, baptizes and seals, empowering them to live holy lives and providing unique giftedness with which to serve the church.
  • People have been created in God’s image to have fellowship with Him, but are alienated from that relationship by both sinful nature and sinful disobedience.  Eternal life can never be earned through personal goodness, human effort or even religion, no matter how well intended.  Rather, repentant sinners who believe in Jesus as their only satisfactory payment for sin’s effects receive the promise of forgiveness.
  • Death seals the destiny of each person.  At the final judgment, unbelievers will be banished to hell and believers will be received into heaven.  In light of eternity, it should be the goal of every Christian to grow in their love for God and others, maintaining separation from sin, stewarding their resources and credibly witnessing to the lost.
  • The church is an assembly of saved individuals, predicted by Christ and started at Pentecost.  It has both universal and local expressions, both of which are under the authority of Jesus.  The church should strive to peacefully coexist with the separate entity of human government, respecting everyone and advocating for those who have been exploited and unjustly treated, including those who suffer because of their faith.
  • Bridge is an autonomous congregation, identified with the evangelical Christian faith.  In alignment with the Great Commission and the pattern set by the early church, we gather regularly for worship, prayer, instruction, encouragement, mutual accountability and fellowship.  We practice full-immersion believers’ baptism, symbolizing our death to sin and resurrection to new life, and eagerly desire the return of Christ, regularly celebrating the Lord’s Supper as we wait.

Our Leadership


Joe Hill

Congregational Care Pastor
(231) 750-1626


Jake Kallman

Student Ministries Pastor
(231) 288-0304


Missy Langdon

Ministries Coordinator
(616) 843-0620


Ivanna Leffring

Bridge Kids Coordinator – South Campus
(231) 343-5408


Ron Mann

(231) 206-7049


Robby Richardson

North Campus Pastor
(616) 301-5160

Leigh Williams

Bridge Kids Coordinator – North Campus
(231) 747-7189



Eric Strattan

Lead Pastor
(231) 750-2696